Wicked Aces and TheDiscGolfPrincess and The Disc Golf Hunter

I first met Donovan Livingston aka The Disc Golf Hunter on social media as we had a conversation about all the great things happening in the disc golf community this year.  We talked about networking, marketing strategy, social media content, and You Tube.  I realized that are people in the community just as passionate as I am about the sharing of all things disc golf on a platform.  That's when we began to work together to bring you The Disc Golf Hunter's Wicked Ace Run (New link to episode 4 up on the home page)!  Donovan travels all over the country to catch disc golf on video and meet new people.  I'm excited about the future of disc golf with the Disc Golf Hunter in it!

And with that, I would like to talk about Alyssa Martinez.  Meeting her is meeting what inspiration is about.  Before Alyssa became a Wicked Aces team member and I was first starting this company, I would see that Wicked Aces was being tagged in everything on Instagram on her posts.  Of course, this excited me because I was happy about people getting to know the company, but even more, I wanted to know why she was tagging Wicked Aces on her post.  She simply said "Because I support women doing great things and I think what you are doing is amazing!"  

There is no silver lining.  She genuinely loves to see people do well and thrive and I think there should be more people like this in this world.  There's no doubt in my mind of why she is the Disc Golf Princess.  I will forever be her friend, and she inspires me to be a voice for women and the sport of disc golf as a whole, and also just being a great person.  

Please give Alyssa Martinez and Donovan Livingston a follow.  Find them on FB and Instagram!