Chris Hannigan #86418

Name: Chris Hannigan

PDGA Number: 86418

Hometown: Rincon GA

Month of Birth: November

Favorite Driver: Blizzard Beast

Favorite Fairway: Prodigy F5

Favorite Mid: Star Mako3

Favorite Putter: Classic Deputy

Any accolades: I TD our weekly PDGA league in Savannah. Also TD 3-4 events a year including the upcoming Macomber Madness.

Favorite Disc Golf Course: La Mirada, CA

Favorite Tournament to play in: Man there’s a bunch… probably New World Championship or Low Country Boil

Your Favorite Pro player, male and/or female: Nate Sexton

Favorite non disc golf activity: I’m such a geek. Racing games and flight sims

Advice to new players: Keep your throws low and just try to have fun!

Chris Hannigan #86418