Gersen Van Gunst #89273 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR

Names: Gersen Van Gunst

Nickname?: Either G or N/A

PDGA #: 89273

Hometown: Fayetteville GA but currently Memphis TN

Month of Birth: June

Favorite Driver: PD2

Favorite Fairway Teebird3

Favorite Mid: MD4

Favorite Putter: P3 (For throwing) N/A (For Putting)

Accolades: President of the Georgia Southern Disc Golf Team for 3 years

Favorite Disc Golf Course: It’s a toss up: Lakeside or Central Park in TN, or maybe Hobbs Farm in GA

Favorite Tournament to play in: Any Ironman, I love playing 3 or 4 rounds in one day back to back

Favorite Pro: Simon Lizotte

Favorite Non Disc Golf Activity: Bowling

Advice to new players: Don’t be too eager to get good, enjoy the process, learn a lot and have fun. Also, Throw Big!

Gersen Van Gunst #89273 MEMERSHIP DIRECTOR