How Disc Golf Can Save the World - June 2020


By Donovan Livingston

June 2020

The world is burning. To say 2020 has been a tough year is a severe understatement. All around the world people are dealing with a new deadly virus, climate change is still a very real problem, and in America we are seeing the country fall apart, broadcast live on social media. It seems to me, now more than ever, we need Disc Golf.

So how can Disc Golf save the world? Let’s break it down:

  1. Disc Golf Teaches Discipline. One of the most appealing things about this sport is that it takes a second to learn, but a lifetime to master. To excel at this game, you need to commit to it; practice your putts, work on those drives, learn to shape those shots, and learn to play under pressure. The heart of Disc Golf is one person versus the course. Ultimately you are only challenging yourself out there, and when you practice Discipline, you can master this game. Same is true in life; self-discipline is the first step to World Peace; it’s you versus the world, and when you commit to excellence, the world benefits.
  1. Golf Teaches Patience. As many of us already know, when you try to rush this game, you falter. Mistakes get made; you throw too early, you griplock your drive right into the lake, you miss the chains on a fifteen-foot death putt. Only when you slow down, breathe, and feel the game can you play your best. With Discipline and Patience, you can achieve a Zen mentality, and that always leads to lower scores. This philosophy holds true in life; you need patience to find World Peace. It’s easy to feel rushed in these fast-paced times, but when you slow down and enjoy life, you can find peace.
  1. Disc Golf Teaches Teamwork. Contrary to what I just said about this being ‘You vs the course’, this game also teaches teamwork. We play doubles, and you learn to cooperate; do I lay up and let my partner run it? Do I take the safe route? Can I make this putt to save par from 40 feet after my partner chained out? These situations teach us to work together, to communicate, and find solutions as a team. You want World Peace? Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! When we work together, we make the world a better place.
  1. Disc Golf Teaches Culture. Go to any disc golf course and you’re bound to run into people from all walks of life. Police officers, farmers, CEOs, hedge fund managers, Instagram models, everybody plays this game! And as you meet these people, you learn about them, their ideals, their beliefs, their passions, their lives. Interacting with these people helps expand your understanding of the diversity of people all over the world. And learning this essential fact is vital to World Peace.
  1. Disc Golf Teaches Tolerance. Now as we meet all these new and exciting people, we sometimes find ourselves in disagreement with and ideology, or political stance, or religious belief. And that’s okay, we don’t have to agree with everybody in order play a fun round of golf. You can even find yourself befriending those people, because in the end, there is more that you agree with than disagree, and this is the secret to world peace; we can disagree and still live on this planet peacefully. This may be the most important piece of the World Peace puzzle.

So, to summarize; in order to achieve World Peace, you need Self Discipline, Patience, Teamwork, Culture, and Tolerance. And where can you learn all these things AND have fun? On the disc golf course. Now get out there and play during these dark days, and remember these skills when you’re off the course, and you can help be part of the solution this world so desperately needs.