Hunter Hanson #89402

Name: Hunter Hanson
Nickname?: Fourloko
PDGA Number: 89402
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Month of Birth: August
Favorite Driver: Streamline Plasma Trace and the MVP Photon
Favorite Fairway: Axiom Plasma Crave
Favorite Mid: MVP Neutron Reactor and MVP Neutron Deflector
Favorite Putter: Axiom Electron Envy and Streamline Eclipse Stabilizer
Any accolades:
2nd Place MA1 in The 2020 Crosswinds Open, 1st Place MA1 in the Beyond the Disc Tournament, 1st Place MA1 in the MBDGC Fundraiser, 1st Place PRO in a weekly league on a tough course. Finally, my favorite win was the first time I got 1st Place in MA2 and decided to move up was at the 17th Annual Festival of Roses. 
Favorite Disc Golf Course: 
New World Disc Golf Course. The amount of disc golf courses on one piece of property is amazing, but what's better is the fact you never have to go off site. 5 different disc golf courses, great food, golf carts, and a place to sleep equals an amazing time.
Favorite Tournament to play in:
Both of my favorite tournaments aren't sanctioned. First is the Carolina Coastal Cup (Charleston Disc Golf Club vs. Myrtle Beach Disc Golf Club) and my second runner up is of course the Border Battle (Charleston Disc Golf Club vs. Savannah Disc Golf Club)
Your Favorite Pro player, male and/or female: 
I have a tie for my favorite pro male player and they are Simone and Ricky. I love how Simone takes crazy lines and always seems to have fun on the course. I'm also HUGE fan of Ricky cause I respect the putt. Favorite pro female player is Paige Pierce. Always has a great attitude and she is one heck of a player.
Favorite non disc golf activity: 
When I'm not playing disc golf, I am either resting or video games at my house. Also binge watching tv shows is pretty fun as well.
Advice to new players:
My biggest advice to new players is to go to weekly leagues and support your local clubs. By going to weekly leagues you will more than likely get a few free discs and a bunch of advice from more experienced players. Playing weekly leagues will also help you get used to the PDGA Rules, so when you play a tournament you wont make any nervous mistakes. If you're not comfortable with playing in a tournament setting then, I would recommend going to an open field and just get used to throwing discs. Start with a stand still and then gradually begin working on your x step. In all reality, any advice on how to get better would be helpful to new players but the bottom line is to HAVE FUN and SCREAM WOOOOOOO a lot.
Hunter Hanson #89402