Jonathen Jay Patterson #102734

Name- Jonathen Jay Patterson
Nickname- Pancho
PDGA #- 102734
Hometown- Longview Texas
Birthday- 01/06/1988
Fav Driver- Star Destroyer
Fav fairway- none
Fav mid- Truth
Fav putter- Classic Judge
Something I feel proud about, I own and operate Within Range Disc Golf. Valerie is my partner in business as well. 
Fav Course- Golden Gate Disc Golf Course in San Francisco California
Fav tourney to play in- St Patrick's classic in Orangevale California, Shady Oaks Disc Golf Course
Fav pro- Paul McBeth
Fav non disc golf activity- hockey
Advise I would give to a new player- take all advise with a grain of salt! Just choose pieces of what people tell you to do and incorporate it into your game. Never play like someone else because each player has their own way of playing the game. Find your own style and stick with it, growth will happen if you are consistent.
Jonathen Jay Patterson #102734