Sierra Buford #133752

Name: Sierra Buford
PDGA Number: 133752
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Month of Birth: January
Favorite Driver: Shryke
Favorite Fairway: Leopard3
Favorite Mid: Atlas
Favorite Putter: MVP Envy
Any accolades you want to boast about? This can include Tournament wins, or weekly leagues you’re running, etc. Basically anything you want to brag about, list it here: Proud member of the GaLs group in Atlanta (Georgia Lady Slingers), Winning my second ever tournament in the FA3 division
Favorite Disc Golf Course: Little Mulberry Park - Atlanta, GA
Favorite Tournament to play in: BOOMTOWN - Atlanta, GA
Your Favorite Pro player, male and/or female: Kona Panis / Gregg Barsby
Favorite non disc golf activity: Yoga / anything upside down - you can find me cartwheeling pretty much anywhere
Advice to new players: Have FUN and don't pressure yourself to learn how every single disc known to man flies ... keep focus on 2-3 low speed discs
Sierra Buford #133752